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    How to use the 'One Click Trading' service in HotForex

    The HotForex One Click Trading service enables our clients to execute their trading operations with just one single click, therefore simplifying the order placement procedure within the HotForex MT4 and MT5 environments. One Click Trading is most likely to be favoured by traders whose strategy is to make a lot of transactions (also called scalping). In order to open and close orders with a single click you will only need to activate the One Click Trading service on your platform once.
    Tips For Traders

    Shooting star trading strategy

    A shooting star pattern is really popular among traders because of its simplicity and effectiveness. Elsewhere, this pattern has a significant advantage it occurs on the charts quite often, so it wont take too much time to find it. In this article, we will discuss what the shooting star pattern is, how to recognize it, and how you can use it in your trading. Lets get started!

    Open HotForex demo account for free

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